New blog site…

Hello! I have consolidated my Afghanistan and Sudan blogs to one blog site. Please come and visit at

It’s almost the same name as this blog, but with just an ‘s after JJ.

Hope to see you there!



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Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of IWD

Today is the 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day. When I was on the Board of UNIFEM – the United Nations Development Fund for Women – this was the day we worked toward to share awareness and provide a point of pride for women and people in Canada and around the world.

For a short history of IWD, click here

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Speaking tonight at Carleton University in Ottawa

I’ll be part of a panel discussion tonight on my experiences in Sudan working on the South Sudan Referendum. Lecture will take place at Carleton University’s Institute of African Studies. Lots of pictures guaranteed!

For more info:

Village in the White Nile/Kosti region of North Sudan


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Women’s World 2011 – Ottawa, Canada from 3-7 July 2011

Women’s World 2011 – I’ll be working at this event in Ottawa from 3-7 July. Hope to see you here!

Let's connect at WW2011

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Sudan Pics!

Thought I’d post a few of my faves!

Fishing in the White Nile

Baking bricks

Eating breakfast with my favourite Centre staff

Real camels!

Sand landscape with Referendum Flag blowing in the breeze

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Back in Canada

The long 23 hour journey back to Canada is over and my body is recovering. My first visit to Africa is complete. The South Sudan Referendum results are expected within the next few weeks. Depending on the result, a lot of hard work will be forthcoming. Here’s the EU’s preliminary statement

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Counting to begin tomorrow!

Last day of referendum observing is around the corner. After that..counting the ballots and watching the process of democracy complete its circle.

Took a ferry across the White Nile River today. The ferry will become extinct next month when the new bridge opens between Al Dwaim and the mainland. Turns out the bridge is being built with Chinese labour, and Chinese money on behalf of the Government of Sudan. Just one more example of how the Chinese have quietly infiltrated Africa…for its resources and food supplies. One of these days more will be written about this.

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